Amanda Kandawire-Khoza, The face behind the she brigade cover art

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza Digital Illustrator, Pilot and Entrepreneur

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza, The face behind the she brigade cover art

I first came across Amanda through Sive Mfenyana’s Instagram. Amanda posted the incredible story of how she had become the first black South African female to fly the A380 after moving to the UAE. Unfortunately, Covid resulted in her having to return to South Africa cut this chapter of her life short. Amanda’s story spoke to me and I’ve been following her since.

It was quite sometime later that I realized that she was also an artist, her Instagram page @layover_art showcased all of her amazing work and (as dramatic as this sounds) I knew then that she had to design the podcast cover art for She Brigade. She was everything I didn’t know I was looking for, an incredible South African woman who had not only achieved so much but also used her platform to inspire and encourage others. I’m not an artist but as soon as I saw her work I knew it had to be on She Brigade.

I literally kept my eye on her page and as soon as her commission status said OPEN, I dove in.

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza is a Pilot, Digital Illustrator and Entrepreneur from Soweto. She is the owner of Layover Art, Buyiswa (a handmade Clay earrings brand) – @shopbuyiswa and Fly Like A Girl – @flylikeagirlsa and she is the artist behind the new She Brigade podcast cover art:

She Brigade Podcast Cover Artwork

I asked Amanda what her favourite quote is and this was her response:

“Never surrender your hopes and dreams to the tragic limitations others have placed on their own lives. The vision of your true destiny does not reside within others. “

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza

Amanda is a true inspiration and I’m honoured to have her contribute to the She Brigade community. I hope she inspires you as she does me. You can shop for Amanda’s work on the links below.

See more of Amanda’s work here:

Amanda Kandawire-Khoza work & COntact details

Amanda’s Instagram: @aviatrix_mandy

Layover Art: @layover_art

Buyiswa Instagram: @shopbuyiswa

Fly Like a Girl Instagram: @flylikeagirlsa

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