Sive Mfenyana, Commercial Pilot

black female commercial pilot

Sive Mfenyana, Commercial Pilot

Meet Sive Mfenyana.

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Sive describes herself as an ambitious Xhosa girl from the Eastern Cape, raised by her mother as a single parent after losing her father at a young age. Sive’s interest in flying was sparked by a question that she says she had as a young girl, which was; “Who gets to keep these big machines in the sky and why can’t I?”

Sive says pure curiosity is what sparked her interest in flying, but as she grows in the industry, what has fuelled her determination to succeed is her passion for community and wanting to pave the way for future generations, as aviation is mistakenly out of reach for those previously disadvantaged.

Sive says that the experience of being a pilot has been challenging to say the least, but the fulfilment that one gets when flying and successfully completing the required competencies is well worth the challenges.

When asked what inspires her, Sive says, “the tiny possibility of me being able to change the landslide of aviation in this country, and the thought of the trickle on effect that my success in this industry, could have on other generations, other families and ultimately resulting in a dignified and economically free society.”


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