APRIL Books of the Month by Ziyanda

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APRIL Books of the Month by Ziyanda

“The Other Story” by Dr Judy Dlamini (Sifiso Publishers, 2019)

“I believe in stories, stories can change minds, stories can take away people’s dignity but stories can also restore people’s dignity.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The above words are the first quoted in “The Other Story”, Dr Judy Dlamini’s second book offering. In the book, Dr Dlamini sits down with African achievers across age groups and gives them a platform to tell their stories, stories that will leave you inspired and appreciate the greatness of Africans in a world where we’re seen as poor, deprived, lazy and consumers rather than creators. In her introduction, Dr Dlamini says that her purpose is to tell “the positive African story, giving voice to Africans who live a life of significance” and through this book she does just that. The stories include interviews with the late great Dr Richard Maponya, the young African achiever, Kevin Lubega and South Africa’s former First Lady, Mam’ Zanele Mbeki among many other African heroes.

This book is just the right amount of inspiration and upliftment one needs as we observe the COVID-19 induced lockdowns confining us to our homes.

“Some of My Best Friends are White: Subversive Thoughts from an Urban Zulu Warrior” by Ndumiso Ngcobo (Two Dogs, 2007)

If there’s one thing that the recent Coronavirus outbreak has taught us, it’s that South Africans know how to find humour in everything. Some of My Best Friends are White is nothing short of that! A hilarious take on South African stereotypes, this book is as funny as the title suggests! While controversial, it can be equally enjoyed by people of all races. A good read to make you laugh till your tummy hurts during these tough times. 

This post was written by Ziyanda (Instagram: @books_over_brekkie)

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