The Impact of Exercise for a Young Professional


The Impact of Exercise for a Young Professional

As a young professional trying to make a name for yourself in this big world, things can become quite overwhelming at times. You may find yourself juggling responsibilities at home, work, managing relationships with friends, finding time to live your best life, and also figuring out your own identity and building your dream career. All of these things can become very stressful. Even though some people say pressure is good, there is a fine line between good stress and bad stress. The moment you cross the line to the negative, you then become unproductive, lose track of the hours going by during the day, cannot focus on one thing at a time because your mind is congested with a million thoughts, and your mood may even decline


How Stress Hormones can Affect You

Having all your stress hormones build up to a point where you lose control of your mental health is not good for any young person. Not only does this increase in stress hormones affect your mental and emotional state, but it can also affect your physical state. Common signs of physical stress may include inconsistent sleeping patterns, lack of appetite, feeling sick, body pains, and any other physical behavior that is not common to you. If you are experiencing symptoms of increased heart rate, excessive sweating, a rise in blood pressure, shortness of breath, or a feeling of your body reacting to an emergency situation like a panic attack, then it is advisable that you consult with a doctor first before you begin your own exercise routine.


Now here’s the fun part – doing the exercise!

Exercising is actually enjoyable once you get into it. Your exercise should not feel like a chore that you force yourself to do every single day, especially if you are not active, to begin with. First, start with thinking about your goals. Why are you exercising? This will be your driving force so that you always have that goal hanging in front of you, like a slice of cake waiting for you to eat. Next, think of activities that you actually enjoy doing. Perhaps you like shopping, instead of buying online, go to the mall and walk around. Perhaps you like the feeling of tranquility, then consider yoga. Maybe you enjoy nature, then consider taking a hike or a walk through a park. Or you enjoy being in the company of people, then go to group workouts.

Your exercise routine does not have to be excessive. You’re probably not training to be an Olympic athlete that requires 2.5 hours of gym time every day. Instead, you are probably looking to shape up your body, clear your thoughts, prepare your mind for the day, and have a moment to yourself without any distractions.


With more exercise, you can find yourself having:

  • More confidence, as your mind will be more clear and your physical body may become more fit
  • Higher self-esteem and self-worth, as the way you perceive yourself will be better due to more feel-good endorphins being released
  • A more attractive general presence, as people will notice that you carry yourself with more confidence and your personality becomes more approachable
  • An increase in cognitive function, as your memory and thinking speed increases


How You Can Get Started

If you are already accustomed to exercising, then that’s great, keep it up! But if you are not, then start today by finding a way in which you can be more active.

  • Park further away when going to the shops.
  • Use the stairs at work instead of the elevator
  • Install a fitness app on your phone and do a 5 minute workout for beginners
  • Take a casual walk around your neighbourhood
  • Do more physical activities for leisure, like hiking or trampoline jumping
  • Most importantly, actually get on your feet and start


And to help you stay motivated, you may want to

  • Use a calendar to track  your progress
  • Ask a friend to join you
  • Join a whatsapp group with others on the same fitness journey
  • Switch up your routine. if you do a home workout today, then tomorrow take a jog


It really is in the small things that can increase your quality of living, make you more confident in yourself, and prevent possible future symptoms of mental health issues. And if you do not believe us, then try it out for yourself. You might just be surprised!!


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