Oletilwe Mogashoa, Senior Business Development Manager & founder of Secrets to Success

Oletilwe Mogashoa She Brigade Podcast

Oletilwe Mogashoa, Senior Business Development Manager & founder of Secrets to Success

Meet Oletilwe Mogashoa.

Oletilwe is a corporate queen. With a successful track record in corporate having worked at companies including Investec and Allan Gray, Oletilwe currently works as a Senior Business Development Manager.

Oletilwe is passionate about the development young people. She is the founder of Owning it 2, a foundation that aims to empower young disadvantaged students to mentorship and career development as well as exposing them to different institutions that can aid them in the form of bursaries, scholarships etc.

Oletilwe is also the founder and executive producer of Secrets to Success. An online TV show where successful people share their career stories and the secrets to their success.

Tune in to hear all about Oletilwe and how she has navigated the corporate world.

Oletilwe Mogashoa She Brigade Podcast

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Get to know Oletilwe Mogashoa

What are the 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

Authentic, God-fearing and loving.

What would be the title of your memoir and why?

God has truly deposited in my heart that I need to write a book. I have been through a lot in my young life and the best way one needs to show and document it all is in a book. So this is definitely in my to do list, because I strongly believe that my tests are my testimonies. So I’ve been thinking about it and it’s  between ‘Self Love- Built to Last’ or ‘This is Love- Be Kind to your self’.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

My daughter and family. Children are the most precious gifts from God. They are truly angels sent from above to give us a deeper meaning and a sense of purpose. I live to do everything in my power to remain present in my daughters life and work hard to afford her the best life that I possibly can!

What is your definition of success?

Self Love and Self Acceptance for out of this stems freedom and eternal joy!

One fun fact about you?

I love to dance and laugh, and have a bit of a crazy side to me😆


Contact Oletilwe Mogashoa

Linked In: Oletilwe (Ramashala) Mogashoa

Secrets to Success IG: @secretstosuccess_official

Secrets to Success Website: www.secretstosuccess.co.za

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