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Milisa Mabinza, founder of Khula Lula - She Brigade

Milisa Mabinza, founder of Khula Lula

Milisa Mabinza - founder of Khula Lula

Milisa Mabinza, founder of Khula Lula

Meet Milisa Mabinza.

Born and bred in Secunda in Mpumalanga, Milisa is the founder of Khula Lula, a private equity fund that focuses on creating access to micro-financing and scale for black female-owned tech startups. Milisa saw a gap in the market where black female-owned startups are often neglected in funding as a result of a lack of diversity in private equity funds.

She founded Khula Lula in 2019 after a tragedy in her family encouraged her to go forward and follow her passion.

Milisa has a BCom Accounting degree from the University of Johannesburg as well as an Honors degree in Investment Management.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Milisa’s  journey as a black woman in corporate and how she struggled in that environment
  • Building a legacy and what that means to her as well as why it’snimportant to her to create generational wealth
  • What to consider when starting a VC fund
  • Navigating the Private Equity world without fitting the mould of what a typical VC fund founder looks like
  • The process of selecting and investing in their first business

and so much more…

Tune in to hear all about her story here

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Get in touch with Milisa Mabinza

Twitter: @LisaLamla

Website: www.khulalula.com

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