Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

Growing up I always felt like I couldn’t relate to anyone. I would get asked who is my role model or who do I look up to and I wouldn’t really know. Don’t get me wrong, the women around me and in my life are AMAZING and always have been. I still however, couldn’t really relate to them. For example, my mom and sister have almost always had a pretty clear direction and indication of who they are and who they’ve wanted to be and that was never the case for me. I would’ve loved to see someone like me who, for one, succeeded in life even though they hadn’t always known what they were doing and where they were going.

When I first heard the saying:

‘Be who you needed when you were younger’

I realized I had to be that person that young Pelontle would’ve wanted to see in the world and that’s exactly how I started living my life.

As I’ve been going through life I began to think to myself, how many women out there wish they had someone they cold relate to? How many women can inspire other women simply on how they've lived their lives?

There simply aren't enough ways for women to have access to other women like themselves and their stories in order to be inspired and to know that no matter what they're going through, they will make it through.

Women, young women, need to see other women like themselves out there who have gone through similar struggles and journeys and have or are still conquering it all, reaching for their dreams, basically doing the most despite everything!

So, welcome to She Brigade. A platform for us women to share our stories and talk about the things we really want to talk about.

I won't say too much but I hope this site will inspire you beyond your expectations, your feedback is always appreciated.

xo Pelontle.



If you’d like to share your story please reach out at info@shebrigade.com or fill in the form below.

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