Eating for the mind, body and soul..

Eating for the mind, body and soul..

I’m sure you have often heard from dieticians, personal trainers and wellness gurus that the key to a healthy body and maintaining it is 80% healthy eating plan and 20% exercising.  My piece is not any different for that line, as you know clichés are clichés because they are true…

Eating clean or having a balanced diet however is not just about maintaining a healthy body, it is also a great way of maintain our mental health and even our spiritual well-being. Put my theory to the test keep a food/emotion diary for a month and you will see. We all have intentions of eating clean but we have tough times at work, school, in our relationships etc… and that usually leads to needing comfort food or drinking excessively. Monitor what you eat, when you eat and how you feel after the meal to see exactly how what you eat affects you.

Personally, the past couple of weeks for me have not been great eating weeks, I’ve been extremely anxious about a big career and personal change and instead of preparing for it which always helps with anxiety for me I’ve been eating less greens, eating more junk and having too much wine. Eating badly has got me in such a procrastinate and lazy state, I’ve missed the gym and put off preparing or even thinking about the major changes. When things are” normal/good” I find it very easy to stick to my routine, gym in the morning, eat clean and always prepared for the day. My efforts in getting back to routine are in full swing now however I know it will take time so I’m slowly adjusting and being extra kind to myself during this transition so I can keep myself motivated because I know it won’t be easy.

So if you have fallen off the eating clean wagon or attempting to start to eat clean ease into this lifestyle instead of making big unrealistic changes that will make you hate it and unsustainable. My advice start cutting out the junk then introduce healthy food and water, continue to monitor how you feel during the transition it will be difficult in the beginning but the great effects it will have on your body and mind will keep you going. The success of the transition will have you feeling confident and pushing yourself and body to greater heights.

by Mpume Khubeka (IG: @mpumy21_reloaded)

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