Alive in Lockdown

Alive in Lockdown

We’re going through unprecedented times, our physical, emotional and mental state needs us to take a little extra care of ourselves…

I’ve realised keeping a routine during this time is extremely helpful. It doesn’t have to be anything hectic, the little things will get you going- I have kept it basic with a weekly and weekend routine.

Monday-Friday: I start my day off with a quick workout, then I shower have a healthy breakfast and start working. When I started working from home started I struggled to “knock off”, now I force my self to start preparing dinner around 17:00 which helps from shutting down and relaxing. Look, not every day is the same but having this routine helps me stay productive and positive during the week. It also helps me stick to my hair and skin routine, trying to get out of this lockdown glowing 🙂

Weekends, in the beginning, were a little depressing because I could no longer do park runs, boozy brunches and Sunday fun day in the sun.

I have tried making them as fun as possible by trying out new dishes, baking and Tik Tok challenges. With the extension of lockdown, I have decided to introduce some reading pleasure and professional books.

It’s also important to keep self-care days going and not feel the pressure of being productive or creative all the time during this time.

Stay home, stay safe.

– Nompumelelo Kubheka (@mpumy21_reloaded)

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