Faith Makhubele, Activist and Medical Student

Faith Makhubele - She Brigade Podcast Interview

Faith Makhubele, Activist and Medical Student

Meet Faith Makhubele.

On this episode of the podcast, our guest is Faith Makhubele. Faith is currently studying and doing her practicals towards becoming a medical doctor with MEDUNSA. When she is not pursuing her medical degree she is fighting and being an advocate for various causes that are close to her heart. These causes include women and children empowerment. She has spoken on and represented South Africa on various platforms including being a speaker for the African Union, United Nations Youth and the World Bank.

Faith is the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization – Unforgettable Smiles (IG: @unf_smiles). The organization is aimed at empowering the lives of children through advancing social and academic change, mental health awareness and security.

We discussed the challenges that come with studying medicine, her activism career, self-doubt and the impact it can have on you, the challenges she’s faced along her journey and so much more.

“When I looked into my future, I didn’t have a glimpse of necessarily where I would be but I knew it was a successful girl, I knew it was a girl who had impact, I knew it was a girl who was using her voice, I knew it was a girl who commanded a room, who had power and who was changing the world, I just didn’t know how.”

– Faith Makhubele

Tune into her story on the podcast.

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