Sewagodimo Matlapeng, Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

Female Software Engineer Sewagodimo Matlapeng

Sewagodimo Matlapeng, Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

Meet Sewagodimo Matlapeng.


Sewagodimo is a multi-potentialite. She is the founder of Indoni Developers which is an organisation that provides career support for Women who are Software developers. The organisation focuses on mentorship, skills development and opportunity as the three pillars of developing sustainable tech careers for women. She is also the founder of Buza Answers, an educational social network for high school learners. She has been on local and international stages such as the F8 Conference in San Francisco, the Raisina Dialogue in India, the iD8 conference in Kenya. Her true strengths are in her ability to ideate and execute.

Sewagodimo uses her Youtube channel – Sunshine in my Code, to encourage and teach more people how to code. She uses her sense of humour and ability to simplify complicated concepts to make tech accessible to a wider audience.

Female Software Engineer Sewagodimo Matlapeng

You can listen to She Brigade The Podcast on various platforms including:

Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyBreakerPocketCastsRadio PublicStitcher. Search for ‘She Brigade’.

Contact Sewagodimo Matlapeng:

IG: @matlapeng

Twitter: @Sewagodimo_m

YouTube Channel: Sunshine in my Code

  • Zinziswa
    Posted at 08:31h, 27 April Reply

    Wow. Profound conversation. Thank you for sharing your story. It motivates us. The advice of mastering one skills in Tech is very important. I take this away with me.
    Thank you. Sewa!

    • Pelontle Mosimege
      Posted at 19:08h, 31 May Reply

      I’m so happy you took something away from this. As someone in tech myself, I definitely learnt a lot from Sewa too 🙂

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