Noxolo Mafu, Content & Media Specialist

Noxolo Mafu - She Brigade Podcast

Noxolo Mafu, Content & Media Specialist

Meet Noxolo Mafu, better known as Nox.

Nox has had such an amazing journey in the media world, from producing documentaries to working for renowned media houses like Media 24 and being the deputy editor of HuffPost SA and more recently the deputy editor of Cosmopolitan SA, a magazine that a lot of South African women are very familiar with. Cosmopolitan magazine SA may have recently shut their doors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s impact on businesses worldwide, however, Nox has still managed to excel in her craft by being appointed the fashion and beauty editor of Expresso. She is definitely a leader in her space, amplifying the voices of diversity and social advocacy.

Tune in to hear the journey of how Nox became this powerhouse.

Contact Noxolo Mafu:

IG: @nox_mafu

Twitter: @nox_mafu

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