Zulaikha Patel, Social Justice Activist & Author

Zulaikha Patel - She Brigade Podcast

Zulaikha Patel, Social Justice Activist & Author

Meet Zulaikha Patel.

Zulaikha is a social justice activist and the author of a newly released book, My Coily Crowny Hair.

Zulaikha and I chatted about the events of 2016 that started her activist career and truly sparked global conversation and a lot of change specifically locally. We also discussed the up and downsides of being an activist and the impact it can have on you as a young person. She took us through her journey of radical self-love and what means to her. We also discussed her journey to finding her voice.

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Contact Zulaikha Patel

Instagram: @zulaikhapatel_

My Coily Crowny Hair is available at CNA, Exclusive Books and Ethni Kids.

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