She Brigade turns 2 – a letter from Pelo

She Brigade turns 2 – a letter from Pelo

On the 2nd of June 2019, I launched (technically relaunched) She Brigade the Podcast. 

I initially launched the podcast on the 8th of October 2018. This specific episode with Tebello Motshwane was recorded 2 months earlier and I sat on it and quietly launched it in October. To be honest I wasn’t sure about what I was doing. I knew what I wanted this platform to make people think and I knew how I wanted it to make people feel. So when my best friend said I should start a podcast, I just did with no hesitation. 

Tebello shared her story so openly and candidly. She trusted me with her story.

After recording that first episode I realized that I owed the women that would share their stories with me more than just a quickly strung up platform. I needed far more intention and respect for the craft. 

I took a break after that first episode. Actually, what I was really doing was researching, learning about podcasting, saving money for equipment and doing my best to make sure that I afford the audience and the guests the level of excellence they deserved – or at least the level of excellence I could afford. 

I made a deal with myself and decided that it’s all or nothing. All my time, resources, love and energy. 

You see, I’m a procrastinator and I also love starting LOTS of projects but I’m not much of a finisher so this time around I decided that if I’m going to take black women’s stories and uphold them in the way they deserved, there was no half-assing allowed. That’s exactly what I did when I relaunched on the 2nd of June 2019.

It’s been 2 years now and I cannot believe what She Brigade has become.

I’ve sat with 65 different incredible, black African women from all kinds of industries and they have generously shared their stories. Collaborated with many brands and even been given an award or two.

I’ve made so many friends and connections with the incredible listeners of She Brigade, always ready to call me out when I don’t deliver but also cheer me on and encourage me to keep doing the work we’re doing.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to have someone join me in building She Brigade who is as passionate about the podcast as I am.

This journey hasn’t been easy but it has always been worth it and I can’t think of anything else that I would rather be doing.

I may not have always known what I envisioned She Brigade to become but I always knew what experience I wanted people and specifically young black women like myself to feel when they engaged with it.

I always ask my guests on the podcast, ‘If you could go back, what would you say to your younger self?’, and as I write this letter my mind goes to the me of 4 years ago. I was 24, just started working and feeling lost and unfulfilled while everyone around me seemed to have their lives (or at least a plan of what they want their lives to look like) together. I craved ‘finding my purpose’ so much and would’ve done anything to figure out what I was meant to be doing. At this moment this is what I would say to her:

You don’t have to have it all figured out. Enjoy the moment a bit more. Celebrate yourself a bit more because you’re doing GREAT. If you really want to find this elusive purpose, I would rather say focus on how you want to make others feel, focus on how you want to exist in this world, the kind of people you want to be surrounded by. Focus on what you enjoy even if you first start by figuring out what you don’t enjoy. This will lead you to your purpose. 

Disclaimer: It might take a while.

If you’re reading this it means you’ve been a great support and pillar of She Brigade or maybe you’re just scrolling the internet and stumbled upon this, either way, I hope you take a small piece of my journey with you and it inspires you in some way.

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