Lucy Nkosi, Art Director of Forbes Africa

Lucy Nkosi, Art Director of Forbes Africa

Meet Lucy Nkosi.
She has a growing passion for the publishing industry and aspires to cultivate a distinctive career in the field. Her career began five years ago when she joined Essentials magazine as a graphic design intern almost immediately after graduating from UJ with a BA (Communication Design) degree. This is when she was introduced to the ever-changing world of print. Seven months later, she received an offer from Ballyhoo Media and took employment as a Junior Graphic Designer for the publications; Nubian Bride, Joburg Style, Progressive Leader, and Business Update. Over two years at Ballyhoo Media, she gained widespread knowledge on print production, industry trends, photography, fashion and the rise of digital media. It was during this tenure that she enrolled at Vega and completed a diploma in Digital Marketing. She believes that the publishing industry cannot fully thrive without taking into consideration the developments that have been brought on by the digital age.
In 2017, Lucy took a leap of faith and resigned from Ballyhoo Media and soon after joined Forbes Africa where she is currently working as an Art Director and Layout Artist. With her knowledge of the industry and international trends, she was able to revamp the publication by augmenting a more relatable and modern layout.
Working at Forbes Africa has presented her with countless career-shaping opportunities. It has encouraged her to think of her work as not only having significance in African media but on a larger global community as well.
Her career in magazines has seen rapid progression over the years and she owes that to her persistence, passion and undeniable dedication to solving visual communication problems.
Ultimately, Lucy’s goal is to become a key player in the industry and use her expertise to enlighten and reshape the publishing world.

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Get to know Lucy Nkosi

What are the 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

The three words that truly describe me are:  Creative / Visionary / Ambitious.

I’m truly at my best when I am creating – it is very fulfilling to be able to do so. I take pride in uncovering innovative ways of thinking within the work I do and my personal life. I strongly believe in going for what I want no matter the circumstance. Everything I do is driven by my passion to create and be at my best.

What is your biggest fear about the future?

My biggest fear would be not reaching my full potential. There’s plenty of ideas I would like to share with the world and hope to have an opportunity to do so.

What would be the title of your memoir and why?

I’d call my memoir -Take A Deep Breath.

The phrase ‘Take a deep breath’ is mostly used in situations that require you to be strong, calm and confident. I believe my life has been an amalgamation of events that required me to take a deep breath and remember that I am bigger than any challenge I face. It would be a great account of how I deal with anxiety and allow life to happen the way it should.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Having bills to pay! , just kidding. The opportunity to ‘start-over’ and tackle each task better then I did the day before is what gets me going. I think we can all take comfort in knowing that each new day brings with it an opportunity for us to do better. 24 hours are very transformative, use them wisely.

What is your definition of success?

My ultimate definition of success to me is: Knowing what your purpose on this Earth is and stopping at nothing to fulfil it.

To know what your purpose is, is a true gift. This gift is what singles you out from the crowd and allows you to cement your place in the world.

Most times, figuring out what that gift is can be a tough process which requires you to be vulnerable and have a strong sense of self-knowing. Once you have gone through the process of fully knowing and understanding what it is that truly ignites your soul, then there’s absolutely nothing that can prohibit you from fulfilling your heart’s desires.

One fun fact about you?

I am a spiritual junkie! Meaning I believe in numerology (hence I have the sequence “333” tattooed on my wrist), constantly meditating, watching Abraham Hicks videos religiously and living each experience through a force much bigger than us.

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