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Her Story: Emily Ntuli

Health and wellness are increasingly becoming a priority in many women’s lives today. Though our health journey’s may not be the same it’s inspiring to see so many women taking charge of their mind, bodies and souls. 

Today we hear the story of Emily Ntuli also known as EmyFitness. Emily shares her journey (which hasn’t been easy or short) to becoming a health fanatic. I truly hope her story inspires you to take control of your health and make the right changes if you haven’t already.

My name is Emily Ntuli but also known mostly as EmyFitness amongst my peers. I work in HR at one of the top 10 law firms in South Africa but I am also the founder of EmyFitness, a wellness and fitness movement that is based in Pretoria, Gauteng.

My fitness journey started August 2014 just after my father passed away (June 2014) from diabetes, it was then that I felt that I needed to change my lifestyle.  My family blood line has a number of diabetics and a history of cancer.

I started my fitness at a very low pace with changing my eating habits and doing cardio least 3 times a week with a distance minimum of 2.5km. This happened till January 2015 when I decided, to sign up for gym membership at Planet Fitness. That is where my interest for fitness and health grew stronger. I started off by having 2 personal trainers that assisted me in achieving my weight loss goals at the time but later on grew to having to condition by body and lifestyle needs. I have managed to build a “Fit curvy” body that I feel happy and comfortable in.

The biggest challenge that we all battle with is remaining consistent in eating as well as my workout regime. If you are a person who is constantly juggling between working 9am – 5pm and also wanting live out your passion, you learn to appreciate that you have no time to waste. I am the type of person that consistently wants to be ahead and that is why I give 150% in all I do and consistently want to educate myself in both my phases of work.

 I would say that my highlights have taken place in the year (2018) where I founded Sunrise Bootcamp (@Sunrise_Bootcamp), which are monthly Bootcamp sessions that take place in Pretoria, Union Buildings. The Bootcamp is a platform that I use to reach out to women and girls especially who are not only struggling with bodies but also want to tackle their mental health at the same time. I believe in encouraging and motivating women of all ages to take care of their mental health as it plays a major role when one wants to achieve their goals whether in fitness or career. I would like for women and girls to experience how powerful their bodies are and how you can shape it into anything you want. We have the power to do anything that we put our minds to.

I also form part of a Hiking team called The Trail Troupe (@TheTrailTroupe). This is a group of fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, who have come together after recognizing the importance of an inclusive and safe environment for all those who have an interest in a fun and active lifestyle hosting monthly hiking sessions.

 My Highlights for 2018:
  • Being featured on @SheSouthAfrica the social media platform (Twitter & Instagram) on the 1st July 2018.
  • Being featured on Women’s Health Magazine SA online platform (Twitter, Instagram and online magazine) on the 13th July 2018.
  • Hosting a Sunrise Bootcamp session for more than 10 women in July 2018 in Pretoria and continuing thereafter growing the Bootcamp sessions.
  • Having been featured in the October 2018 issue of FitLife Magazine (online and print media).
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 The Lows That Have Helped Shape My Journey

I would say that the low light in my journey was when I took ‘time off’ from working on my craft. I believe that in the period June 2017 – April 2018. I was demotivated, overweight and was unable to find anything that would uplift or motivate me to find my feet. I believe that I needed to go through this phase as it has shaped me to be the person that I am today. I am able to find motivation within myself and my surrounding environment. I now that I have a purpose in helping people shape themselves to become better than what they were before.

 Lessons Learnt Along The Way

I am continuously learning to be patient with myself, my journey and my fitness movement. I believe that there is a purpose that I need to fulfil and that would be helping people even in the smallest way. I know that everything has its own timing and if you want to rush it than it is not meant for you. You learn to appreciate the people around you as they bring joy and happiness in the smallest way. I am consistently learning that there is no victory that is too small to be celebrated.

 My Favourite Quotes
  • Be patient with yourself, you are not in a race.
  • Rest but do not quit!
  • “Squat is LIFE”
  • Anything that you pray for, you must prepare for.
  • Giving up is never an option.
  • In life everyone is your teacher. Make sure that you listen to their teachings.
  • Know what you want than go out and get it.
 What I Want Others To Take Away From My Journey

You are allowed to make mistakes; you are allowed to fall off the wagon and climb up again. There is no race and no 1st prize but know that you have a support structure that is willing to lift you up when you are down and that there are people that are rooting to win. You are your own competition!

Instagram: @iam_emyfitness

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