Gugu Mfuphi, Orator, Broadcast Journalist and Moderator

Gugu Mfuphi - She Brigade

Gugu Mfuphi, Orator, Broadcast Journalist and Moderator

Meet Gugu Mfuphi.

Gugu holds many titles including orator, moderator, broadcast journalist, senior anchor and so many more. She has also recently presented her first Tedx talk with the University of South Africa.

Having studied accounting in university, Gugu quickly realized that the typical accounting route would not be the one for her and joined the campus radio station as a creative outlet. This is where her media career started.

In this episode of the podcast, Gugulethu shares how she merged the worlds of financial markets, broadcast journalism, media and public speaking to carve out her own career path. She also takes us through some of the lessons she has learnt on love and loss.

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Instagram: @gugumfuphi

Twitter: @gugumfuphi

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