Boipelo Mabe, Digital Communications manager, Miss SA top 3 ’17

Boipelo Mabe - She Brigade Podcast

Boipelo Mabe, Digital Communications manager, Miss SA top 3 ’17

Meet Boipelo Mabe.

Boipelo is one of the Miss South Africa Top 3 Finalists for 2017 but what many people may not know is that she had been in the pageant industry from the age of 6 when her mom got her into pageants in order to build her confidence.

She continued pageantry until she made it into Miss South Africa. During this period, Boipelo was navigating the socio-economic dynamics of being from the township while attending urban schooling. The contrasts in these worlds that she existed in are part of what drove her to be in the top 3 of Miss SA, embark on a number of entrepreneurial ventures and now to carving her way through the corporate world to become the Digital Communications Manager at one of the leading telecommunications companies in South Africa.

“You need to know where your power resides, especially as black women. Nobody wants to listen to us first, so you have to make yourself heard through your impact… Your experiences, your knowledge. Everything that you have gone through is important” – Boipelo Mabe, She Brigade Podcast

Today she tells us what has kept her going through it all, life before and after Miss SA, her highs and lows and her ambitions for her future.

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Twitter: @BoipeloMabe

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