About She Brigade

She Brigade is a platform that aims to empower through inspiring.

One person’s story can impact thousands. This platform aims to act as the tool that allows women from everywhere to share their stories and to start the conversations that will help other young women to know that they can overcome what ever challenges they face. It will help women to know that there are other women out there going through the journey’s they may find themselves going through.

The name She Brigade stems from the idea that when women stand together as a unit or brigade there are endless opportunities and possibilities that can be unlocked.

Content on the site


This section is where we will share the stories of women from different walks of life in their own words. From career to personal life, the good and the not so great, the ups and downs, women will be diving into the different challenges that may come in the journey to becoming who you are. These stories will come in the format of podcasts or blog posts.


In this section we will ask inspirational women questions about their journeys in the form of an interview.


Articles are contributed by different people on different subjects. These articles will be from people who are experts in their fields or have insight into specific subjects as well as opinion pieces. We encourage you to reach out and contribute in this section (see form below).


About the Founder


24 year old Pelontle Mosimege founded She Brigade in June of 2017.

Originally from Mafikeng, She has an Honours Degree in Informatics from the University of Pretoria and works as a Business Analyst.

One of Pelontle’s life mottos is ‘Be who you needed when you were younger‘. Her small town upbringing is how she noticed the lack of access that young women have to hearing the different stories, success stories, of women that she could possibly relate to and be inspired by. That and her passion for women empowerment drove her to start She Brigade as an accessible local platform that showcases (among other things) the stories of women from different walks of life in South Africa.

Her goal is to empower women everywhere by inspiring them through storytelling .

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